Using Windows Live Writer for blogging

The past few days I was searching around for a desktop client for managing my blog, and came across quite a number of good applications which seemed pretty much able to handle what I wanted. But a link in one forum directed me to the Windows Live Writer download site, and after downloading I was thinking, how did I work and blog without knowing about this tool before? I was pretty much ignorant about Live Writer and the fact that it comes included in the Windows Live Essentials download. Using Live Writer is the best blogging experience I’ve had, and would recommend it to anyone needing a serious blog manager. Saving drafts, multiple views, a multitude of fonts and formatting, easy integration, seamless image and video embedding, and managing multiple blog accounts just touches the surface of what you can do with Live Writer. The images below illustrate some of the main views and functions of the tool.

Main Editing view:



Web Preview Option:



Manage multiple blog accounts from different providers:



Embed content without hassle: