Book Reviews

The below list contains my reviews and opinions on some of the books that I have really enjoyed reading, and which have made major contributions to broadening my understanding and knowledge. The books are of many genres, and I would recommend them to anyone (especially practitioners in the software and high-tech industries) who are passionate about learning concepts in depth. Any feedback/critiques, interesting books that you would like to share about, or just plain discussion, is most welcome using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

*The list decreases in chronological order, i.e. the latest book I have been reading will be at the top of the list…



‘The Dark Net: Inside the digital underworld’ is an amazing journey through the underbelly of the internet that we never see in everyday life. Unless you have been navigating the dark web using a TOR browser, it’s more akin to a fairy tale where we go on in life believing it never exists. This book shows the darkest recesses of the dark web/net, the strangest things that can happen there, how it impacts personal lives and society, and more importantly, how it could actually be driving political change in the real world (Book image credits: image credits link)



Seveneves is a work of science fiction by one of the best authors in the techno-punk/Scifi genres, Neal Stephenson. It is an epic tale spanning a large time scale within the story, and I have written more about it in a blog post here (Book image credits: image credits link)