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Mark is a technical lead at TIQRI, and a passionate engineer, who loves coding, mentoring, and fueling technical innovation. In previous tenures, he has worked as a developer at a product engineering company, a technical consultant in a Fortune 500 conglomerate, and also as a senior engineer for a startup in the design and manufacturing space, with work locations ranging from Sri Lanka, to Singapore, to Japan.

His current areas of research and development revolve around solution and enterprise architecture, big data, nosql, and AI/machine learning. In recent days, he is also involved with ‘kids can code’, a wonderful initiative by TIQRI ( to help kids learn and understand all about coding and programming, similar to how they learn maths, science, or any other topic taught in schools today.

In his spare time, Mark experiments with video game design/development, operating system internals, and compiler design, for no other reason than out of pure fun and curiosity. He also stargazes and tries his hand at amateur astronomy using a refractive telescope.

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