Back to writing, after a long break

My last blog post was written and published on February 2019. Since then I have not revamped my blog, nor buckled down to do some writing, until now.

Suffice it to say, I am a bit disappointed in myself for taking so long to get back to writing. The transition between 2018 and 2019 was pretty challenging, with a chain of events starting with juggling academic obligations for my Masters program, changing jobs, taking on a new role as team lead in my new tenure, and leading a greenfield project (there was already an MVP in production, but barely scaling or reaping much benefit) with a new team and tech stack. Needless to say, I poured all my focus and effort on these priority areas, and had to cut back a bit on my blogging and side projects. But the danger of being engrossed in a daily flow of being too busy, is that you lose sight of where you should pick up the satellite activities in your life that you paused for good reason.

Moving on, in 2020 I changed jobs again and started working at :Different, an amazing startup with an insanely smart group of people. It has been a profound and humbling learning journey for me, to work with these individuals, some who were senior alumni at companies such as Google, Uber, Sysco LABS, ThoughtWorks, and the Boston Consulting Group. Working smart, micro cycles of continuous improvement, data driven thinking, and the art of breaking down problems into smaller fragments, are some of the key takeaways I’m still learning at :Different. Surprisingly, a pleasant impact and side effect of how we set goals and challenge ourselves everyday at :Different, is that it has enabled me to proactively (challenge myself to) focus my attention on my personal growth and especially my side projects + writing activities, with fresh insight.

All things considered, am looking forward to getting back to sharing my thoughts and experiences via my blog, and (re)engaging with the community. Stay tuned down the line for posts on some of my personal learning experiences at :Different as an engineering team lead, stories from the trenches of React/Node/GraphQL/MongoDB, and on growing + leading amazing engineering teams.

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