Cool and addictive HTML5 game – 99challenge

Am playing a really cool and addictive HTML5 game these days, called 99Challenge (just navigate to 99challenge.com in your browser). The quirky, interactive, and challenging game play makes it really addictive in my books. The objective is to use a bow and arrow to pin 99 circles (which will be dropped by a frog in a balloon) to the other side of the lake. That would be pretty easy, if not for the bombs and the floating debree that your arrow has to dodge! Sadly, I’m still in last place in the list of high scores (told you it was challenging!)… but am working hard to come up the ranks 🙂

The interesting part is that you stand to win prizes when you score higher and higher, with netbooks, cameras, phones and much more in the prize list. So grease up your archery skills and have a go at the game…. it can be played here: 99challenge.com

Here are two screenshots for good measure:

Starting the game...

Me trying to up the scores!