Vesak celebrations at 99X Technology

It was a great week at 99X Technology, as we had just completed the annual Vesak lantern competitions, which was the buzz for the past few days at office. After hours and lunch breaks found people toiling away to come up with the best designed Vesak Lantern. Vesak is the holy Buddhist holiday commemorating the birth, enlightenment  and passing away of Lord Buddha. Vesak Lanterns are the artful and creative constructs (along with their associative decorations) that symbolizes Vesak.

At 99X Technology, the different teams (Employees are grouped into teams, and the team that constructs the best designed lantern wins the competition) put all their skills, creativity and talent, to produce some of the most amazing Vesak lanterns I have seen (albeit the fact that our major, and sometimes only occupation, is designing and building software). Being a proud contributor myself in the team I was in, it was great to experience the teamwork, multiple views and opinions of people, and the multi-faceted talents that were manifested. The end products themselves can be seen below: