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Engineer or Programmer? The (non existent) Existential Dilemma…

This article describes my opinion of the term and title ‘software engineer’ and the implications behind it, and how it ties (or should tie in) to the viewpoints of the engineering discipline at large. (Blog header illustration created using canva) I very rarely spend attention on philosophical debates relating to software development, but last week I was reading … Continue reading

Google Chrome / Productivity / Web

A Short List of My Favourite Google Chrome Extensions and Apps

The web browser started out as simple program that allowed access to HTML content. Today, it has become a portal for media content, real time communication, and an extensible hub with 3rd party developed functionality. The history of web browsers is very interesting, starting from the WorldWideWeb browser created by Tim Berners-Lee which was initially used at … Continue reading

HoloLens / Mixed Reality / Universal Windows Platform

HoloLens Development using Visual Studio 2015 and Unity HoloLens Technical Preview

[image credits] Last week I did a session at Dev Day 2016 on the topic “Developing for the HoloLens”, and this post is a tutorial that is complimentary to the session I did, demonstrating the steps of how a simple holographic application can be built and deployed in the HoloLens emulator, using the tools provided by Microsoft and Unity… … Continue reading